Slides and Notes from Last Year’s Denotational Semantics Introduction

Last year, I gave a talk at Boston Haskell introducing people to the basics of denotational semantics, starting with Scott’s domain theory and touching on the metric space approaches as well.  I never did post the slides or notes from that talk.

The slides can be found here, and the notes here.


Slides from Making Category Theory Accessible Talk

I have been working on ideas for how to make category theory more accessible and easier to learn, with the belief that it could be eventually be reorganized to the point where it could be taught to high school students interested in math.

I gave a 20-minute talk yesterday at Boston Haskell about the progress of my ideas so far.  This stimulated some interesting discussions.  I am posting the slides here.

Slides from My IEEE SecDev Talk

I gave a talk at IEEE SecDev on Nov 3 about my vision for how to combine industrial programming language pragmatics with formal methods.  The slides can be found here.

This was a 5-minute talk, but I will be expanding it into a 30-minute talk with more content.